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“Natural Pest Solutions” Is a full service professional pest control corporation dedicated to protecting your health and property. Natural Pest Solutions Located in Mumbai India, Proudly serving all over Mumbai & Maharashtra through our year of Experience in Commercial and Residential Pest Management We have established a safe, effective, and Convenient system of pest control industry. Our dedication to human and environment safety.

Our Quality Assurance Department as a valuable resource, not only for identifying problem of pests and methods of safe control, but also for the Research and Development that we provide for the industry in general and for the public good.

External Treatment

We also take contracts for only the external areas of the building like stairways, corridors and parking lots. We use imidacloprid. We drill holes around the pillars / perimeter of the building premises.

Cockroaches Treatement For Drainages

The drainages inside the compound of the building are infested with numerous cockroaches. We open these drainages and spray the border and the inside of the drains. Water based and kerosene based insectisides are used to get the best results.

Smart Gel

The SMART GEL treatment is an odourless and non messy treatment hence there is no need to vacate premises during / after the service. The results can be seen in 3-4 days. Minute dots of gel are applied in strategic but inconspicuous locations with the help of a syringe in all cracks and crevices.

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